The Ferrari 458 Italia Sports Car

The Ferrari 458 cars, a 2 seater Berlinetta, also assigned the 458 Italia, was presented at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show with a price of $275,000.

It was the natural follower to the effective F430 which was stopped previously that year.

As held true with the F430, it retained E-Diff, the digital minimal slip differential, and F1-Trac, the digital traction control system, plus digital ABDOMINAL MUSCLE as well as dampers, all linked to the Manettino switch on the guiding wheel.

In between them, E-Diff and F1-Trac increased the vehicles cornering abilities and also succeeding velocity out of the edges by as long as 30% over that of its precursors.

An unique attribute of the 458 sports car was that the brakes were fitted with a function which caused the pads to simply enter into contact with the discs as quickly as the car increased away.

The result was that the distance taken to quit the car, combined with ABDOMINAL MUSCLE as well as Carbon Ceramic brakes, ws noticeably improved, with 62 to no miles per hour in just 32.5 metres.

With body styling by Pininfarina, one fascinating addition was that the front grille was fitted with little winglets which, as speed enhanced, started to alter shape to lower the cross section of the radiator intake, therefore minimize drag.

This way, air movement underneath the vehicle was raised, and also by the time it reached the rear diffuser, it had created significant downforce.

Once again, the exterior styling emphasised the vehicles aerodynamic qualities such that downforce was increased to 140 kg at 124 mph.

Alike with racing cars and trucks, the steering wheel now consisted of a number of the controls that would usually be positioned on the control panel, or on an antenna,

The rear of the automobile showed off very distinct three-way exhaust pipes.

It used an aluminium body and framework, with back wheel drive on 20 inch wheels.

The somewhat enhanced size and weight of the 458, compared to the F430, was greater than responded to by the engine’s additional output.


The 458 Italia sports car was powered by a 4.5 litre, V8 mid-engine, originated from the 4.2 litre, V8 unit particularly created for Maserati adhering to Ferrari’s acquisition of that company, and also which was first made use of in the F430.

The engine developed 570 bhp at the redline of 9000 rpm, and also 398 ft/lbs of torque at 6000 rpm, the majority of which was available around 3250 rpm.

It created a full throttle of 202 miles per hour, a 0-60 mph time of 3.3 secs, and also a general fuel usage of 21 mpg.

A function of this engine was that it was fitted with direct fuel injection, the first time such a system had been put on a mid-engine unit.

Considering that the timeless H-gate handbook transmission was not used as an alternative, it was just fitted with a seven rate Getrag sequential system, which can change gears in 40 milliseconds.

It used completely dry sump lubrication, and employed a level aircraft crankshaft to stop irregular firing right into the exhaust manifolds.

Compared to the F430, the compression was boosted from 11.3 to a substantial 12.5:1.

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Typical competitors for the Ferrari 458 Italia included the following sports cars: Audi R8GT, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, and Aston Martin DBS. Ferrari performance:


A Ferrari 458 Italia cars in good condition would bring around $225,000, whilst one in display room condition would certainly command anything up to $350,000.

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